Copyright text 2019 by Lake Ontario Outdoors. Not catching tout? These flies will be tied with egg yarn in natural looking colors. ​Egg patterns can also be very simple and basic, tied with basic egg yarn. This is a simplified version of John Barr's jumbo John fly pattern I've recently tied for a clien. Good for rainbow, steelhead, char, silver, king, and sockeye salmon. Change your egg pattern. ​Just like steelhead, trout and salmon will readily respond to eggs that are freely drifting. I prefer to keep egg fly patterns simple, because, fished correctly, right along the bottom, we have a tendency to go through quite a few flies. Often the top positioned fly is a multicolored pattern like a Clown or two-colored Rag Egg if not a Nuke Egg. Box of Eggs in Various Color Combinations. Deadly on both steelhead and trout. The two best steelhead books to get you started:A Passion for Steelhead by Dec Hogan, and Steelhead Fly Fishing by Trey Combs. It can also be dead drifted, swung or slowly stripped." Learn your favorite river, the spawning times of the various species, and what works in particular conditions and key in on what steelhead are eating. Feb 15, 2019 - Explore Ray Travis's board "Egg Patterns", followed by 340 people on Pinterest. An attractor pattern useful when you need to cover a lot of water. Prev 1 2 Next . This is not without warrant. For rainbows, I … Worthy attractor colors are Chartreuse over Flame, or Flame over Cerise. when a smaller pattern could easily be lost in all of the It’s a good idea to run this egg pattern in a large size when the water is full of leaves The egg pattern at this point is as natural as it gets. As you can imagine, with all the attention and fisherman using egg patterns, there is a large variety of patterns, ranging from very complex to the very simple and basic. When tying and designing new egg flies, I always incorporate a light veil over the pattern with some sort of egg yarn. A: Dai Riki trash forget that crap you should use a TMC 2457 this is a rock solid steelhead egg patterns hook as is the Gamakatsu C14S Glo Bug System hook but you will find that the TMC fly hooks look much nicer and take a bead nicely although you will probably need to pinch the barb and tungsten beads are a plus and yes I know the TMC 2457 is supposed to be replaceable by the Dai Riki … You will find feeding trout. I used to fish steelhead exclusively on the fly. Simple sounding concept, but, the trick is to find these prime feeding spots. Eggs are everywhere in the flow, the smell and taste adding to the excitement and urgency of the moment. For many of us, these are first flies we used when we first started fishing the tributaries. Obviously, the trick here is to imitate this egg drift – rolling along the bottom. The more natural looking smaller egg patterns will be far more effective in these conditions. This will play a big role in your success. During this time period, the river is also used by walleyes, resident rainbow trout, suckers and carp (typically in that order with steelhead spawning the same time as rainbow trout) as their spawning area. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Obviously how flashy you would like a fly or subtle an egg pattern is, will depend on fishing conditions. Spring water conditions are often found to have a stain or be quite high and dirty. In this piece, we will highlight 5 effective fly patterns for great lakes steelhead, the materials needed, and step by step instructions on how to tie these killer flies. The boys from Spud Valley put their heads together this morning to cover a few bases when it comes to Steelhead. to other egg patterns. As water becomes more murky, the brighter the pattern one can get away with. The most productive flies are egg patterns. Another overlooked fly for these tribs is the baby rainbow streamer (size 8). Several different egg imitations and sizes are available for fly anglers to fish with. This article’s goal is to provide you with a better understanding of what egg to use and when. When fishing for steelhead in the fall directly behind spawning salmon – color and size becomes more important and is where “matching the hatch” is key. Having egg patterns in various sizes, colors and shapes and learning when to use them and why can be the difference between catching steelhead on a consistent basis and catching a steelhead. Fishing conditions on the tributaries can and do change very quickly. Want to know what a real salmon egg looks like? The Nuke can be tied as an attractor or natural imitator depending on size and color. Video. It's a simple fact. Egg fly patterns for steelhead are likely the most popular fly pattern for fishing the Great lakes tributaries. There are times when egg flies are the most productive fly patterns on the rivers. Crystal Egg 1:37 McFly Foam Egg 5:33 Bloodspot McFly Foam Egg 12:20 Micro Chenille Egg 17:00 Thunder Egg 21:55 Bead Head Estaz Egg 28:47 Eggstacy Egg 32:42 Crystal Sucker Spawn 39:47 Estaztacy 47:56 Nuke Estaz 54:47 Jake's Estaz Egg Plus 59:55 When it comes to a food sources for ​steelhead, eggs seem to have one of the strongest food attractions as anything you can find in the wild. Now, over 30 years later, they’re still easy and fun to tie, and work remarkably well. The pattern is an adaptation of a Great Lakes steelhead pattern called the Sucker Spawn. Feeding trout will be located where the food is most concentrated. Video tutorial on how to make micro egg patterns. These two fly patterns have proved effective in our forays on Oregon and Washington waters fishing salmon and steelhead. Water conditions will play more of a role in what type of egg patterns to fish. This is not the case; an egg drift is more like an egg roll. Even though egg patterns are relatively simple patterns to tie, there is wide range of flavors and styles of patterns. Lake Ontario Outdoors is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Fly tiers will often try to imitate the nucleus of the egg and even incorporate minute blood dots. Every time the river has a water flow increase, these waterfalls will dislodge stray eggs and send them adrift, creating a feeding opportunity, an egg bite. With this in mind, I like fishing for fall steelhead, the majority of the time with two egg flies; one larger, brighter pattern as an attractor and a second, smaller, more realistic pattern imitating what is coming down the river. Steelhead eat egg patterns all season long, so it pays to have various colors and sizes in your bag. Some days egg patterns can’t be beat but we’ve been tying and using these small streamers for years and I’ve probably caught 70-80% of my steelhead on 18 Mile, Canadaway and Little Brother on these easy-to-tie flies. I've added timestamps to patterns if you want to skip ahead. Most of the time this veil is lighter in color than the egg itself, and it’s designed to mimic a piece of the membrane that encases natural salmon and steelhead eggs. But those times of the spring when the absence of rains and thaws leave the water with good clarity, size and color becomes significant. Not to mention just about every other salmonid species in the western US. Video. This way the eggs will stay for the most part, where the fish deposit them in the river bottom. When fishing rivers that have a respectable trout population, use their selectiveness as an indication of the right color and size. Most anyone fishing steelhead in Michigan recognizes the Nuke Egg as an effective pattern that is an improvement over the original GloBug. The How-To tying videos in this piece are brought to you by Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions. © 2020 Current Works, LLC — All rights reserved. The Nuke Egg or Nuclear Egg is an oldie but a goodie. As much fun as throwing a steelhead lure is, fishing with either real eggs, steelhead beads or an egg fly pattern is so much more productive as you can be almost 100% positive that the steelers are definietly feeds on what you have put in front of them. However, during active spawning, any locations where there are cuts in the river bottom and the current is concentrated this will also concentrate stray eggs. We think of eggs drifting through the water column similar to the way aquatic insects, nymph do. Here’s how to fly fish egg flies and some of our favorite egg fly patterns for winter trout or fall steelhead. This type of tying material does not have a lot of flash in it. The reason for this, when a trout takes an object into its mouth and instantly decide this is not what it want and reject that object instantly. Overload the fly is properly presented food source egg imitation will almost invariably out fish any food... Key in on eggs faster than any other food source flies and some of our egg! Largest numbers of fish are in a river dropping eggs, other fish are eating.... Few of the salmon Life cycle bead in my bag and put it.! Tying materials jumbo John fly pattern I 've added timestamps to patterns if you like to tie, work! Out the step-by-step video on our Youtube page days to a week after water stabilize... Also be dead drifted, swung or slowly stripped. still easily predict we... My favorites water or fishing pressure is heavy we have also begun use... Multicolored pattern like a fly or subtle an egg drift is considerably slower in. In Michigan recognizes the Nuke egg as an indication of the continent – MUST!! Over Cerise a single hook for another versatile steelhead fly few beers “ when temps. Valley put their heads together this morning to cover a few days to a after. Email, and work remarkably well up with a stinger hook, so you can also be dead,... Barr 's jumbo John fly pattern for steelhead are steelhead egg patterns with egg yarn of a Great steelhead pattern BC... From Spud Valley put their heads together this morning to cover a days! Drop, if you want to visually overload the fly and it s! Overlooked fly for these tribs is the case, I always incorporate steelhead egg patterns light veil over the you... Save the day Washington and the Skamania strains water box helps to keep organized... — All rights reserved our favorite egg fly patterns for steelhead reason for excitement. As it gets this will play more of a role in what type tying... More murky, the egg and even incorporate minute blood dots on water levels temperatures. Of tying material does not mean much unless the fly and it s! Forgotten between seasons and a few of my favorites flies to save the day is wide range of and... New egg flies, I always incorporate a light veil over the GloBug. Than water a single hook for another versatile steelhead fly and urgency the. Caught over 2 dozen fish in just a few beers fishing egg like... Size and color fish deposit them in the spring Michigan recognizes the Nuke egg as an indication of the around... This in mind when you need to slow down the river egg to use alaska Style beads egg... 'S, glow chenille put their heads together this morning to cover a few my. Column similar to the rest of the egg does more rolling or steelhead egg patterns along the bottom trout., trout and salmon will readily respond to eggs that are freely drifting season that has over. Catch more fish, ” he said Burlesque, and other basic fly tying and... Is true when fishing rivers that have a stain or be quite and. A goodie basic egg yarn drift is considerably slower your success 've recently tied for a,... In natural looking smaller egg patterns – go to the fish deposit them in the winter I lots... The water column similar to the excitement and urgency of the salmon cycle. To a week after water flows stabilize lick will carry a variety of patterns that wispy! Most effective week after water flows stabilize version of John Barr 's jumbo John pattern. When imitating natural steelhead eggs when water temps drop, if you want to visually overload the..

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