Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC 2 is finally here after a long wait, and this time it is pitting fans against the evil Golden Frieza. Frieza lost, and destroys planet. Team Hulk vs Team Broly (Dragon Ball Super) Thanos vs Golden Frieza. Round 2: Beerus 25% vs Gold Frieza 100%. Golden Frieza MUST be stronger than Kid Buu given that he is a new main enemy that is far ahead from everything we have seen before (of course, if we don't count Beerus at his full power). Speed for Freeza is relatively easy to find out. Press J to jump to the feed. Dragon Ball Xenoverse (PS4) : SSGSS Goku & SSGSS Vegeta Vs Golden Frieza & Beerus 【60FPS 1. gamer x. 1.11 "Let's Keep Going, Beerus Sama! Ssj blue and Golden frieza, no shockwaves. Our Battle of Gods!" Beerus vs Golden Frieza. Golden frieza doesn't have God Ki. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Vengeful Golden Frieza. You are indeed where you belong. Beerus vs Glossaryck Speed Equalized Battle takes place at the snack aisle of your local convenience store. Death Battle Episode by AceOfSpaces3709 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Frieza 4 Spacegodzilla 5 Intermission 6 Intro 7 Fight! Battle. 26: 8 With the Goku vs Beerus fight, Beerus wasn't shown with visible damage except for the cut on his cheek, but that regenerated quickly and Whis' character statements (Beerus never used his 100% full power and comparing Beerus as a castle to Goku and Vegeta as tree stumps), I think Beerus takes it. Getting either Goku or Vegeta to level 250 and unlocking Super Saiyan God for them. Playing next. So I am assuming Vegeta is also a 6. It was stated that SSjin God SSjin Goku is capable of beating Beerus with 75% of his power but whis says that Goku at his max and Vegeta might be able 5 years ago | 16 views. A Full-Throttle Battle! Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC 2 pits players against Golden Frieza, but this fight differs from Beerus' boss battle in a number of ways. God of Destruction vs. Super Saiyan God" 1.13 "Goku, Go Beyond Super Saiyan God" 1.14 "This Is Every Ounce of Power I Have! While eating Bulma's delicious dessert, Beerus and Whis acknowledge that Frieza has indeed become significantly stronger and that Goku seems to have a tough time keeping up with Golden Frieza. Beerus:You know Vegeta if you and Goku teamed up you can defeat him. It should be said that this is only the case the first time players fight Golden Frieza, as subsequent battles will see him increase in power until he reaches the new level cap of 300. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC 2 increased the level cap, but Golden Frieza isn't max level. Team Thor (Warrior Madness) vs Team Beerus. The Battle of Gods' Conclusion!" If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. Frieza's disdain of Beerus is something that is very well-documented in the anime, with the once-Emperor having to bow his head down every single time Beerus decided to "grace" him with his presence. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. It houses life that comes in all shapes and sizes. Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F SSGSS Goku SSGSS Vegeta vs Golden Frieza. What the purpose of them is at this point then remains unclear, but there may be some other use for them in the future. Frieza in the tournament was regularly swapping hands with people Goku needed at least SSJ to fight, and in the RoF arc it was proven that Golden gives Frieza more of a boost than Blue gave Goku (Frieza went from being somewhat weaker than Goku’s base to thoroughly overpowering him). Fight takes place in the TOP arena but the rules of the tournament don't apply. Follow. The Golden Frieza Saga (ゴールデンフリーザ編, Gōruden Furīza Hen),12 also known as the Resurrection ‘F’ Saga (復活の「F」編, Fukkatsu no 'F'-Hen), Frieza Reborn Saga, or simply the Frieza Saga3, is the second saga in the Dragon Ball Super anime.4 This saga is based around the events depicted in the movieResurrection ‘F’. At that time, Beerus was the toughest challenge in the game, but many players expected Golden Frieza to be an even harder boss fight. But there’s a higher argument you can make: the shockwaves caused by Goku and Beerus. In order to take on the episode's boss, Beerus, players had to do a bit of grinding first. Frieza knows that killing the supreme kai will kill Beerus and Beerus is aware that Frieza has this knowledge. So let me get this straight.... Goku becomes blue, Frieza becomes gold.... fight fight fight.... Goku still wins (somehow), then need his stupid henchman to take Goku down. Bonus Round: Peak Vegeta and Peak Goku (Bloodlusted) vs Beerus 80%. The longer the Saiyans wait, the more likely they are to lose loved ones and potentially their whole planet. "I'll go ahead and say...you're going to have a very tough time fighting me." Golden Frieza's rewards aren't any better than Beerus', actually coming out as more lackluster. This episode is marketed as a boss battle episode in much the same way that the first DLC was, but there are some notable differences in the ways that the boss battles against Golden Frieza and Beerus play out. RELATED: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot's Second DLC Highlights a Real Problem. Purple cat: 0 Weird, tiny genie thing: 1 (Totallynotchewbacca) Inconclusive: 0 Golden Frieza vs Universe 9 Assassins Full Fight, Goku vs Frieza, Beerus saves Goku Dragonball Xenoverse Battles: Broly vs Golden Frieza. Clash! Can Beerus defeat Frieza while defending the supreme kai or will Frieza kill them both? Report. 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"I'm unsure whether or not this is enough to harm Lord Beerus, but..." vs. Beerus Edit: Sorry, for the bonus round I meant to write goku and vegeta vs beers, and changed beerus to 80%. 4 Should've Won: Against Golden Frieza No i won't share the fun of defeating Frieza with him. Golden Freeza stomps. By contrast, players are able to use items against Golden Frieza, meaning even if they are losing the fight they have a good chance of making a comeback anyway. While this may seem to make Golden Frieza less replayable, there is unique dialogue for each support character when replaying the story mission via the time machine, so interested players may want to check those out. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. One of the major differences between these two boss fights is how they are handled within the story. Goku goes back in time, and kills Frieza before he does it. Again, items can no longer be used in subsequent fights with him. For Round 1, this may be Freeza's best chance to win and even then it's not certain. Generic "I was right to seek further evolution!" 1,010 views. Beerus didn't even have to use half of his power. A Challenge from Outer Space!" Beerus scales to 3/4th the speed of Whis, who is casually 500 quadrillion c, so Beerus is casually 375 quadrillion c. Golden Freeza = Blue Goku = Casual Beerus. Beating Golden Frieza at level 300 rewards the player with just four Ultimate Sacred Waters, and these can't even be used to level up characters beyond level 250. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Going by what we've seen from Super (Beerus stomping Goku, Whis's statements), I'm gonna give this round to Beerus. No matter how much training Freeza does he'll never beat Beerus. Additionally, the fight with Beerus is more of a friendly sparring match, so aside from Goku and Vegeta's pride, there's nothing at stake here. Likewise, after Whis turns back time to save the day, Goku must rush to stop Frieza from blowing up Earth, and he gets their just moments before the deed was to be done. On Namek. Winner gets the last pudding. 2:54. Dragonball Xenoverse Battles: Broly vs Golden Frieza. Once again the two face off in an evenly matched battle. All in all the fights are very similar, especially when fighting the repeatable Golden Frieza fight, but these differences are unique nonetheless. Join Community. MORE: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC 2 May Have Missed its Chance. Oddly enough, some of the defining traits of the Beerus boss fight are missing from the encounter with Golden Frieza. Let's see examples on where it doesn't fly. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! In fact, the Golden Frieza fight at the end of DLC 2 isn't even at the previous level, instead placing the golden tyrant at level 170. Tunana. Vegeta:Lord Beerus?! 2 Season 1: Golden Frieza. By Anthony Puleo Nov 22, 2020 Share Share Tweet Email The fight with Golden Frieza feels completely different. Goku Facts During Battle •Fought First Base Form •Used SSB For The First Time In Battle •Let His Guard Down With Senzu Beans at their disposal, players are able to fully heal their character in the middle of the fight, giving them a huge advantage over Frieza that wasn't present for the Beerus boss fight. Canonically this makes sense, but given that Golden Frieza is the second boss, it is rather odd. vs. Beerus Golden Frieza "I know this sounds cheap, but... just call me Golden Frieza." Kale Turns Legendary Super Saiyan For The First Time - Dragon Ball Super Episode 93. The following is IGN's walkthrough for the story mission Golden Frieza - The Nemesis's Revenge in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Goku felt stronger than ever and yet, he was defeated handsomely. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Golden Frieza still puts up a good fight surprisingly despite the level gap, but players won't have any issue taking him down thanks to the difference in their stats. Wiz: While Beerus might be powerful, Golden Frieza is a lot more powerful than SSB Goku since he took more hits than Goku does. 3:25. 1.12 "The Universe Crumbles?! Not to be outdone by Goku's new form, Frieza reveals a new one of his own. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Dragonball. Eventually, after learning about the existence of the being from Shenron, Goku turned into Super Saiyan God and battled Beerus. That means that Goku's words of "someone other than us and Buu will win in this tournament" are completely pointless. Bonus: Beerus would win this as well, because Akira Toriyama says Goku as a Super Saiyan God would be a 6, Beerus would be a 10. Round 1) is unknown but if he was lying to vegeta as well about the 10% (which he probably was) he'd wreck frieza with a finger flick, Round 3) Beerus destroys frieza before he can blink, Bonus: Beerus destroys goku and vegeta before they can blink, I'm almost positive in Super Beerus says he used less than 1% while fighting Vegeta. The real prove shows in Sonic 06, the fight between Solaris with the help of Super Shadow and Super Silver. Frieza tells Vegeta to kill Goku, but refuse and become blue. While in this form, the user becomes several inches taller, as seen when Frieza transforms and he grows from his normal height of about 153cm/5'0\" and becomes a few inches taller, although the height change sometimes varies. Round 1: Beerus 10% vs Gold Frieza 100%. Browse more videos. That would be a better match but the issue is that Frieza gained such an absurd amount of strength so fast Like just in his first form alone he was buu saga level easily from him just owning gohan like it … RELATED: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC 2 - Super Saiyan Blue VS Super Saiyan God. Golden Frieza vs Beerus and Supreme Kai. No matter how much training Freeza does he'll never beat Beerus. Win by any means necessary. For this reason, high level players can manage to brute force their way through the Golden Frieza fight, something that would have been mostly impossible for the level 250 Beerus fight at the end of the last DLC, though there are certain builds that make getting S Rank on Beerus easy. In the first DLC, players were unable to use items when doing battle with level 250 Beerus. Super Sonic strength is multiverse buster power. ! 2.1 "Make a Miracle, Satan the Hero! One final way in which the Beerus and Frieza boss fights differ is in their replayability. Round 3: Beerus 75% vs Gold Frieza 100%. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC 2 pits players against Golden Frieza, but this fight differs from Beerus' boss battle in a number of ways. For the first DLC, Goku and Vegeta are transported to Beerus' planet in what seems to be a timeline outside of the main story. Round 2: Beerus would win, because round 1 could go either way, but since Beerus increased his power it would tip it in his favor. When Beerus and his brother fought the same outcome came about just like Beerus vs Goku. Meanwhile, Beerus and Whis make their way to Earth but run into allies of their own. Bonus Round: Peak Vegeta and Peak Goku (Bloodlusted) vs Beerus 80%. Frieza:*Charged Gold Death Ball* Take this! R1: Really unknown, we don't know the extent of power Beerus used on anybody on Earth. The reward for beating him is 20 Ultimate Sacred Waters, an item that is used for leveling up characters. This meant that the only way to heal during the fight with Beerus was with a certain Know-how skill that lets players regenerate while in Surge, so avoiding as many hits as possible was paramount to coming out on top. 8 Results 9 Next Time On Death Battle 10 Trivia 11 Gallery Dragon Ball VS Toho! Still not use to his newest form, Goku struggles to keep up with Golden Frieza's speed and prowess, eventually getting pummeled into the ground. What makes this so odd is that players by default are probably 80 levels higher than Frieza, and those that grinded up to the new level cap of 300 are a whopping 130 levels above the new boss battle. After fighting Beerus at level 250, there isn't much incentive to do it again. Why? Super Powers 9 comments. Round 1: I would maybe give it to Frieza, Beerus used 10% when fighting Vegeta at SS2, but in the manga he fought SS3 Gotenks at around 10% I believe, so it could go either way. Frieza:*Dodge* Gahhhh *Elbows* Vegeta:Darn even Kakarot is having a hard time against Frieza's new power. The rest of the rounds + bonus round Beerus easily wins. 2,011 views. Frieza Facts During Battle •Recently Trained For 4 Months •Recently Unlocked Golden Form •Had Someone Interfere •Was Afraid Of Beerus' Presence. Frieza VS Spacegodzilla is a Completed What If? These distinctions change the way players are likely to approach the DLC, and end up making Golden Frieza a much easier boss to tackle than Beerus was. Supreme Kais Planet. In the story, this makes more sense as the fate of the Earth is hinging on the results of this fight, but in terms of gameplay it makes the fight feel less compelling as a whole. People downplay Toppo to only SSB Goku (TOP initial) level but they forget that Goku fought a suppressed Toppo, once Toppo st Players can train with Whis and challenge Beerus before they've even beaten Raditz, and Vegeta can be used before he becomes a playable character. Beerus:That Pride of yours will be your downfall. Could Buu Saga Vegito VS 4th Form RoF Frieza be a better match, IYO? » Gohan vs. Golden Frieza (ToP) Gohan vs. Golden Frieza (ToP) 1. Cookies help us deliver our Services. by using good logic. Back in April, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot released its first DLC, introducing Goku and Vegeta to Beerus, Whis, and the divine power of Super Saiyan God. 5:55. Unfortunately, the difference in power between Beerus and Frieza is immense, meaning that there's simply no way that Frieza can overthrow this permanent thorn in his side. Goku and Vegeta don't fight well together, so they wouldn't be able to take down Beerus unless they worked together, Frieza would whoop Beerus at 10 and 25 percent, golden Frieza is stronger than blue Goku. 555 Anime Fans. When Goku and Vegeta learn of Frieza's return, there's a sense of urgency to get back to Earth as soon as possible. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. OK, that's just lame. Can’t touch this… SSJGSS Vegeta vs golden Frieza (spoilers) ... Super Sayian Blue Vegeta VS Golden Frieza - [Dragon Ball Super] Episode 27. Though it still isn't explicitly stated that it takes place after the base game, it's clear that these events take place after the first DLC at least. Ssj blue vegeta vs golden frieza, no shockwaves. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Players managing to beat Beerus likely already have an abundance of this item from training with Whis, and they're also probably already level 250. Beerus & Golden Frieza Fusion # Beerus# DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3# Frieza#Fusion. This threw a wrench in a lot of players' plans, as Senzu Beans and Healades are able to carry players through even the toughest of story missions due to their great abundance.

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