Great for non-profit fundraisers. Do you ever struggle to think of new event ideas, or reinvent the attendee experience to keep it fresh and new? Very similar to the virtual speaking engagement, this can be an easy way to get a lot of people involved. So in event terms, your event should probably focus on helping people create something tangible – like a painting or a teapot warmer. It mixes music, song, dance and drama with an overarching theme that is normally more suited to adult audiences. Success Path Virtual Class A session focused on a single theme where attendees are invited to participate by following along with specially designed academic exercises. I wondering about the unique users and what stops someone from just passing along a password to get into the event. All you need is a car and things to sell. Virtual Speaking Engagement 12. Few online Christmas party ideas are as cozy and comforting as a live reading of a classic Christmas tale. The box is then unlocked and the highest bid wins. These types of events are great if you have a large following or a high demand for your event. A favorite for brands who want to look cool and youthful. 1. Free Community Whether it’s gathering social gamers or attracting gamers that play for cash prizes as a sport, gaming is a big industry to penetrate. It’s an amazing blog to read about virtual fundraiser and online events. Wishlist Drive Roasts, in the opposite tradition of toasts, are events where the main subject is honored but with some gentle mocking and ribbing. Really? It might feel that you’re “settling” for a virtual fundraising event, but there are some really cool benefits to doing them! Most common around Halloween, masquerade parties are a great excuse to get dressed up and revel with others in equally outrageous, amusing, and esoteric clothing. As you’d imagine, there’s a heavy emphasis on talks and learning, but with a large number of exhibitors walking around too. Both options are widely attended. Annual Retreat Attendees pay a small fee to line up their cars, open the trunk, and sell items that they no longer want. To help you get inspired, we’ve compiled 76 popular event ideas, themes, and formats you can mix and match at will for your next great event. You … Click here to download our free ebook Fund Your Dream. Planning a virtual event? If you’re scratching your head wondering what virtual fundraiser or online event to try, we’ve got some suggestions. T-shirt fundraisers 12 ideas for virtual events So how can you translate your in-person event experience into something valuable for people online? So, what IS the perfect virtual fundraiser or online event? This will help you introduce yourself to a new audience, promote your partnership with the organization you’re taking over, and link your resources to people who may not even know about you yet! If you are an animal rescue organization, a quarantine doesn’t have to halt your adoptions. But when it comes to virtual event ideas… You can even ask the talent to do a special Q&A session after their performance or take requests to add to the live experience. You might be opening up an opportunity for people to help you that they may not have had before. It’s a great event if lead capture or education are your primary objectives, and there’s also … These are similar to endurance events but with lots of obstacles now in your way (and typically lots of mud too!) Event … These days, symposiums are commonly associated with medical, scientific or highbrow gatherings of experts who debate and exchange key industry developments. “Do you know who I am”? The best time to do this is usually at the event itself, or in an email (see tip #70). Keeping the agenda of your event a mystery really engages people’s curiosity. Ultimately, this creates a buzz of excitement and increases engagement. We offer fundraising platforms and solutions to schools, nonprofits, charities and more. A perennial favorite at conferences, they can also be stand-alone events. Look through our list of 12 ideas for virtual fundraising activities and see what sticks out at you. These are great community events, very often organized to celebrate huge milestones or anniversaries, such as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, or the end of the World War. Orchestrated through social media, they look spontaneous (and pretty cool) to those who are there to witness them. You can ask your supporters to submit entries for the design for your next shirt! Set up a private event, charge admission, and teach your skill! A presentation isn’t another word for “power point,” contrary to the popular understanding of most conference speakers. 3) Photo Contest. Virtual fundraising events can be a lot of fun AND help you reach your fundraising goals! Often geared towards professionals, networking events are designed to bring like-minded people together to chat, share experiences, and hopefully find common ground that will ultimately lead to a mutually beneficial business relationship. Try to recruit a local celebrity, athlete, motivational speaker, or expert, and ask them to do a virtual speaking engagement for you. You can educate new people, make the most of your partnership, and build your reputation in the community. Think city planning, business innovation, or fighting obesity as the kind of topics often discussed at roundtables. Break up your schedule of keynote speakers, panels, and educational workshops with these out-of-the-box virtual event entertainment ideas … They’re a great way to sample a lot of variety before making a decision on your favorites. It’s a great event if lead capture or education are your primary objectives, and there’s also the option for live Q&A too. Send out … Inspirational Calendar Whatever your religion, events will likely play a crucial role in bringing together believers, spreading a common message, or raising funds. This is an event that can be managed ALL online and keeping it to gift cards means that you can send prizes to winning bidders all over the country! Ask a corporate sponsor or local community partner if they would be willing to “donate their social media” for you to takeover! Virtual Tour/Open House Virtual Walk or Run 7. 20 company event ideas … Team sports events are a brilliant way to engender team spirit and competition in equal measure. An online seminar where attendees dial in either by phone or web and follow the slides onscreen. Choose a movie, schedule a time, and ask for donations. © 2021 Eventbrite. Not to be confused with bar brawl, the bar crawl is a tried and testing event format. Thanks for this wonderful content. Individuals can submit proposals to participate and, if they are chosen, will be given a … 20 creative corporate event ideas to use today. An online seminar where attendees dial in either by phone or web and follow the slides on screen. Including a soapbox at your event can provide delegates with a platform to have their ideas heard. All Rights Reserved. Zoom party tips: Virtual hangout ideas for a fun night in - Los Angeles Times How to win at your next social Zoom … 5. The possibilities are endless! Whether you go ballroom dancing or clubbing, just for fun or to compete, their variety is almost limitless — and so is their enduring appeal. An online seminar where attendees dial in either by phone or web and follow the slides on screen. Of course, not all award ceremonies are quite as slick and glamorous, but they’re a wonderful way to recognize and reward the hard work of teams and individuals. Many nonprofits had to cancel their spring events because of COVID-19, pushing them to the fall. Social Media Takeover Look through our list of 12 ideas for … Ideas for classes: 9. Now that you've had a quick preview, here's the full list of corporate event ideas. Like an auction, but bids are placed in a closed box, with no one knowing how much anyone has bid. Give your attendees the chance to relive their high school experience — with (legal) drinks. Find a great space, grab a handle for street artists, and you’ve got yourself a paint jam. Watch Party Gather your favorite like-minded foodies for a group dinner over your video call service of choice like Zoom or … The sudden release of news of your event is sure to trigger impulse buying. This website is a great example for those who … A virtual event is any organized meet-up that takes place online rather than in a physical location. Get your students in tune with one another by encouraging them to contribute to a collaborative playlist. Do we have to define a party for you? The event website designers of Digitized have ensured to maintain the image of the event as a design conference in every element of the website. The classic ‘ribbon cutting’ event has the town mayor, dignitary or famous guest come to open up a new public space, like a school or library. In the context of events, a forum is usually a great format for debate and airing of opinions and so associated with legal and political proceeding. 3. 6. Of course, if you WANT to include T-shirts, race bibs, swag, or medals to finishers, you sure can. Local musicians are always looking for exposure! One that’s fun and easy to get people excited about. Did this list inspire your next event? Question and Answer sessions are very common after a talk or panel as a business event, but they’re not limited to that situation. 20 entertainment ideas to make your event guests go wow! How will your event stand out and achieve the fundraising goals you need for success? You have the ability to reach a far wider audience and introduce your cause to people all over the world. Announce next year’s date as soon as possible. In fact, great debates can influence elections, build credibility for causes, and get spectators questioning their original assumptions. Resident event ideas should encourage those living in your community to come out of their shells. Growing up is a trap, so target people’s inner child. Sandy shows Founders and leaders of small nonprofits how to fully fund their big vision so they can spend their time changing lives instead of worrying about money. Move Your Events Online … A great way to bond with your neighbors and build community spirit, why wait for an excuse to host one? The celebration happens online, but before the big event, the guest of honor’s parents will deliver a package of goodies and supplies kids can use to enjoy physical activities during the virtual party… 11. They focus on selling high-value B2B goods or services. Food and drink events can be as varied as food and drink itself. No, not a big gather of angry flashers. One thing people can do pretty easily is sit at their computers and click buttons. Capterra has a list of 10 good online auction tools. You don’t have to find a venue, recruit volunteers, hand out t-shirts, or worry about insurance. Ask local businesses to donate gift cards (all amounts are welcome). If you don’t have a facility, show how you are working from home, how your volunteers are dedicating their resources, and how you’re thinking outside the box to get through this time. Originally coined in the 1920s by jazz musicians, the term, short for the word engagement, now refers to any aspect of performing such as assisting with performance and attending a musical performance.”. If you’re mastering a jaw-dropping event and looking for unputdownable articles online… Big in the 90s, less so today… but what about getting your attendees to party like it’s 1999? A new type of event that will continue to grow will be in virtual reality. An event where you get the chance to be the star of the show. 20 fundraising event ideas that make a difference. Endurance events are normally individual feats of endurance where you race against yourself to complete the distance. Try to get gift cards for a variety of services and products like automotive services, hotels, national chains, and restaurants to appeal to a wide variety of people. Creativity is the focus of Adobe’s stunning user conference … These are exclusive, invitation-only gatherings of important people that everyone else wants to attend. 69. This is where you become a part of the event, helping shape and change the experience and the outcome as it goes. People across the world can walk for your cause or donate! Instead, you can hire a comfy chair, put them on stage and then ask all of the questions you and your audience want to know. Artists will often launch their latest film or book with a Q&A session so their fans get a chance to dig behind the scenes and ask their burning questions. Infographic: Americans Would Rather Be Known for Their Experiences Than Possessions, The 10 Best Ways to Promote Your Event Online. Like races, the most common forms involve running, cycling and swimming (or all three), but they could involve dancing for 24 hours (like Dermot O’Leary did for Comic Relief). 70. Whether it’s attending an exhibition, a gallery, or a book club, it’s great to meet up with like-minded people and enjoy the company of those with a shared passion. For more ideas and examples of great online events in action, check out our curated collection of the best events online. This could mean attending a live event virtually, or even a whole event created in the virtual world. Featuring examples from brands like Forbes, INBOUND, and more. Think of this as a virtual ask or pledge event where people get to learn first-hand about your nonprofit’s work and make a commitment. 2. Great, you’ve got the idea. A great way to keep egos in check. You can host an open house of your facility, show all the areas where you need help, and explain why you need to raise funds! Crowdsourcing ideas with a hashtag Displaying them on the day via multimedia as a backdrop to the event. Tastings give you a tantalizing flavor of what’s to come. Pop-ups are mainly known in the food and drink industry, but these could relate to any event. Not many events feature so strongly in our culture as those that revolve around the dance floor. You could even have a Playlist of a Day, inviting everyone to listen to a set of songs curated by students or staff. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. This creates the right mix of excitement, curiosity, and agitation to make this format a stand-out success recently. Frequently military or fantasy themed, groups of enthusiasts gather to immerse themselves in the period or theme, and enjoy role-playing or re-enacting famous battles with their fellow fans. All in attendance are posed the same question and then debate the answer. If you want to hold a house party with no complaints about the music volume, this could be the solution! Hi Sandy! The stereotype is that they’re fueled by pizza, caffeine, and beer. A presentation should inform, persuade, or build goodwill. If so, get started on your next event and start inviting people in minutes., […] […], Oh My God!!! This is a great blog, I am happy that I have come across this one. And the great news? You’re not alone. Whether you're throwing a virtual conference, a virtual meeting, or a virtual event, there is so much that can be done using your virtual event solution. You’ll have less overhead, less costs, less volunteer resources, and less stress. For more online party inspiration, check out these 12 Virtual Family Party Ideas to Keep in Touch in Quarantine and our virtual party themes and tips. Find a band or an ensemble that is willing to perform, and charge for tickets. Discover the 20 best virtual event ideas to incorporate into planning your next event. It’s a great way to gather the community and acknowledge the new amenities. 360° Snapshot Here are 37 virtual event ideas to inspire your upcoming events. Something they’re just about eating free pizza and grabbing a beer. Looks hilarious to the uninitiated onlooker too. This can be especially powerful if the designs are created by children because parents and grandparents will vote a lot! Sometimes telling them nothing at all makes them buy a ticket just to find out what it’s all about. Virtual events have gained popularity as the world … 20 promotional ideas for events: start selling tickets now! They log their own distances and you collect their entry fees and pledges. It’s all about using the format to give attendees what they want (an online … When a site team invests time and energy in an event… From self-care-inspired nights in to absolutely wild costume parties, the 13 virtual party theme ideas below are about to shake up your group chat. Graphic designers and artistic, creative types can submit their entries for a small fee, and the winning design can be determined by votes. Participants pay to enter, and then voters pay to vote! Equally useful for families to hash out what you should have for dinner or housemates to debate who needs to do the washing up. These types of events can help you target a niche audience. Great blog to share!! Walking by name, walking by nature – these are group events led by an expert on the location or focus of the tour – who takes the group between venues on foot. Think of a best man’s speech, minus the wince-inducing innuendos. For example, a Star Wars themed walk can have you “Walk anywhere you want in the galaxy.” has some great advice for organizing a virtual walk or run. a fandom). Choose a virtual fundraiser that looks like fun and give it a go. These events may be organized months in advance, but they are promoted merely days before the event. T-shirt fundraisers can be more than just a basic booster campaign. Conference are made up of several sessions, often mixing up formats including keynotes, panels, breakouts and roundtables (to name just a few) and also blend learning with networking. 3. Photo source: Killer Infographics. Coaching & Consulting, Blog/Video Historically ‘the Forum’ was a Roman center of public life where citizens would gather. Do you have any suggestions for companies who could do something like #11 and #12 above, hosting a paid speaker or concert event? Often music, but can be on any topic. The format is normally a rapid-fire session of startups or speakers pitching to the audience, or a panel of experts, usually to win a prize. Checklist: Pivoting to a Virtual Fundraising Event, Upgrade Your Virtual Fundraising Strategy With A Peer-To-Peer Campaign Scavenger hunts can be a fun and enjoyable way to get people working together (assuming they don’t fight). Virtual Birthday Party Ideas For Kids The Virtual+ Birthday. Here’s an idea: Crowd source ideas into a pinterest board pre event and turn this into a large scale visual backdrop at the event, … It’s a great event if lead capture or education are your primary objectives, and there’s also the option for live Q&A too. Find virtual services and entertainers in the United States and Canada on The Bash for your virtual party. Thanks! Perhaps you’d like to create a playlist with song titles that cleverly allude to digital technologyo… Ranging from traditional Saturday nights at the movies, to exclusive documentary screenings to raise money for charity, screening events can be surprisingly diverse and flexible. An organized series of concerts, screenings or plays, usually at the same venue and often over several days. Anyone heard of basketball? There are lots of creative ways to hold a virtual walk. The best Zoom party ideas By Tyler Lacoma May 9, 2020 If you can’t get together with your friends to have a party in person, you may be thinking of how to have a party online. Create a beautiful event listing and easily drive attendance with built-in tools. If you’re going to charge for the concert or speech, you’ll need a way to get the attendee’s payment first and give them the link to participate after they’ve paid. There are typically a large variety of stalls and vendors selling their goods (they normally have little tasters available too). Event idea #76: Webinars. On a more serious note, they can be a very efficient way of helping attendees work a room, meet a lot of interesting people and not get stuck in one boring conversation all night with no means of escape. 10. Ideas: 6. If you’d like your awkward silences to have a short time limit on them, this is the event format for you! 8 Experiential Marketing Fails to Learn From, 4 of the Hottest Experiential Marketing Trends Brought to Life, Inside Experiential Marketing: Big-Name Brands Share Secrets to Success, The Ultimate Event Advertising Plan for Busy Event Creators. They usually focus on poetry, music, and comedy and give aspiring artists the chance to showcase their skills and get comfortable performing in public. Post-Event Ideas to Promote Registration for Next Year. If you have a workshop or series of classes, they could be a great way to get people interested in your more expensive offering. Below are some tips and examples of virtual events showcasing the diversity of what nonprofits are planning. Virtual Event Ideas. Since the whole world is staying home and in-person events aren’t happening thanks to social distancing, it’s time to pivot to online fundraising events and virtual fundraisers to bring in money for your small nonprofit. Do visit this For vital information that can be used again by anyone. Contact Us, 865-657-9915 | This is a great format for those who want a keynote speaker but they can’t invest the time in creating a presentation. A morning event format often used when the host has an announcement or launch to present. You don’t have to worry about what to wear or coordinating vendors or transportation. Workshops are often used interchangeably with training sessions, but their traditional meaning was a room where people could build stuff. While usually found as part of a conference or other larger event, there’s no reason you can’t have a single presentation as the star of your event. Party ideas, pointers and more to make your next Zoom your best yet. 8. You may want to check into copyright issues and get permission to show a particular movie especially if you’re selling “tickets.”. 1. Everyone loves to laugh, and stand-up has been around as an event format since Ancient Greek times to service this basic human need. If you’d like to up the FoMO factor to 11, think about hosting a VIP event. It can help you reach people anywhere in the world, minimize cost, and be planned and executed in a much shorter time than an in-person event. The subject matter can pertain to your specific cause or it can be something fun like a comedian, a local author, or a TV personality. They’re also a common component of fandoms and comicons too. We want to make the process of promoting an event online during COVID-19 easier, so we curated a comprehensive list of ways to promote your digital event online to ensure you get in front of your potential attendees and make your event a well-attended success. What adult wouldn’t like to regress to their younger selves and bounce on bouncing castles, jump on trampolines, or just play games? They can be a great, fun way to raise money for charity, too. 4 Supporters You Should Ask To Conduct Peer-to-Peer Fundraising During a Crisis, Fundraising in a Pandemic: 4 Key Tips for Your School, Turn Your Fundraising Event Into a Signature Event, 8 Ways to Make Money at Your Next Nonprofit Fundraising Event, How to Plan a Fundraiser for Your Small Nonprofit, Avoid an Un-Eventful Fall Event Season and Start Planning a Virtual Event - Helen Brown Group,, Avoid an Un-Eventful Fall Event Season - Helen Brown Group, Maximize That Third-Party Fundraiser: They Host the Event, You Get the Money, 3 Reasons Why Your Non-Profit Should Add a Blog to Your Website.

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