Mary accepts, but while at the train station, she and Bart take advantage of Cletus's distraction to flee to another departing train. He is voiced by Jon Lovitz, except for a brief appearance in "The Front" (1993), in which he was voiced by Dan Castellaneta. She first appeared in "Bart Gets Famous",[190] when she walks in on Mayor Quimby in bed with another woman, an event she laughs off when he defends himself with "I didn't do it." Later, he appears in "O Brother, Where Bart Thou?". As of "Wedding For Disaster", there have been seven Mr. Teenys. Please welcome @GreyDeLisle as the new voice of Sherri, Terri and Martin Prince", "Indiana Man says no to the White Sox T-shirt cannons", "The Simpsons 20 best guest voices of all time", "Retro Revival Retrospective: The Simpsons Part 6", "The Full McBain Movie Hidden Throughout Simpsons Epsiodes [, "The Full McBain Movie Hidden Throughout Simpsons Epsiodes", The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family, The Simpsons Forever! Like most of the staff of Springfield Elementary, Largo has long since lost all passion for his job as conductor, and cares little for creativity or music anymore. The character is a parody of Judge Judy Sheindlin. Lisa decides not to reveal this secret to the people of Springfield, seeing that the myth of Jebediah has brought out the good in everyone and that the true story will cause them to lose hope and morale within themselves. Luann got custody of Milhouse when they divorced, but Kirk has visiting rights and is often seen with Milhouse in later episodes. She was responsible for all of the guests, even her own son getting sick at his birthday party, by serving diseased oysters instead of cake, with the exception of Bart (who fed his oysters to Martin's pet cat), Lisa (who feigned sick to get out of the boring party) and Principal Skinner and Mrs. Krabappel (who were having a romantic encounter in Martin's kid-sized pink playhouse). Her desperate attempts to regain her stability include rushing out of class to recite "Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean" with her eyes closed, getting into her car and driving off on two occasions, and even letting Ralph teach the class after she was granted tenure and therefore free to do almost anything she wants. In the series, Fallout Boy first appears in a 1950s Radioactive Man serial film shown at a comic book convention in the episode "Three Men and a Comic Book". He attended Ball State University and is a proud owner of a red 1979 Honda Accord (and later, a Camry, which Otto Mann promptly wrecks). [83], Dave Shutton, voiced by Harry Shearer,[2] is a reporter for The Springfield Shopper. She then admits she has trouble with the space bar. Lou (voiced by Hank Azaria (seasons 1-31); Alex Désert (season 32-present)) is the Police Sergeant of the Springfield Police Force and by far the most intelligent and competent officer of the Springfield Police. Homer later changes his mind after Stampy rescues him from a tar pit. When Homer was fighting he could not even make one round which ticked him off and declared Moe was a loser. Chalmers' own competence and dedication to his job are questionable. [116] It is also revealed in the Simpsons episodes that he is a grandfather now, and is seen with his granddaughter at daycare. Sideshow Mel uses a slide whistle to communicate on camera, just like Bob. When dissatisfied viewers flooded the network with letters crying for Poochie's immediate removal, if not death, the executives decided to get rid of the character. In the 26th-season episode "Sky Police" she mentions that she has a brother named Stevie. The canvas scrap formed the "missing piece" of the famously incomplete 1796 Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington; Sprungfeld picked it up during a fight against Washington which occurred while the latter was having his portrait painted. While she was not employed outside the home, Maude was a busy homemaker and advocate for children, whose innocence was often sullied by cartoon violence, liberal education, and the insidious influences of popular culture. When his entire family is seen together, they appear to be a spoof of The Cosby Show. It is also revealed in the episode that Ruth Powers went to jail and entered a beauty contest in which she was named "Miss Mexican Mafia." Claude grabbed Rod and jumped over the rail, Claude holding onto the machine. His father was shown on the season eight episode "The Homer They Fall", but in "O Brother, Where Bart Thou? In the non-canonical future of "Days of Future Future", Gerald and Maggie are married. In "Bart Gets Famous", he anchors the news with an articulate English accent, filling in for Kent Brockman, who would not report the news because he did not get his cheese Danish, which Bart stole to give to Krusty. Lunchlady Dora has been seen dating Hans Moleman. It is also implied that former principal, Harlan Dondelinger, favored Artie more than Homer believing that he would be a multimillionaire and do tasks that Homer and even Barney would never do. Gino Terwilliger, voiced by Tress MacNeille, is Sideshow Bob and his wife Francesca's toddler son. Kirk bears a striking resemblance to his wife, and wears glasses just like her and their son. Teeny also was a writer for the "Good Guy Awards" and quit after being insulted on-stage by Krusty. In "Whacking Day", Doris took the job as school nurse to earn two paychecks, but in "'Round Springfield", she reveals that she was put in the position of school nurse because of school budget cuts (even having the belligerent Scottish janitor, Groundskeeper Willie, as a French teacher). This man first appears in "When Flanders Failed" when he goes to the Leftorium to get his parking validated because it is the only store that does it without requiring a purchase. Richard appears frequently in scenes involving the Springfield children, and in the early seasons was often involved with mischief. The character's name is a reference to the Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. The pair are later reduced to low-paying work such as a show at an Indian casino. He is also on Lisa's list of "interesting adults" in "Moe'N'a Lisa". Although he appears to be elderly, in fact, Hans Moleman claims to be 31 years old, and that "drinking has ruined [his] life". Though he manages to dispatch several with various medical equipment (taking down a nurse with an expertly-thrown syringe to the forehead), he is eventually overwhelmed and bitten after requesting that the Simpsons tell his wife that he loves her if they should encounter her. Stampy is a male African elephant first appearing in the episode "Bart Gets an Elephant". She was also seen in The Simpsons Movie during a crowd scene. [119] Herman's facial appearance is modeled after Simpsons writer John Swartzwelder. Hibbert is often seen in flashbacks (for example, Lisa's birth, or Bart's accidents as a toddler), and each time has a different hairstyle (afro, dreadlocks, Mr. T-style Mohawk, etc.) Hank Azaria is the voice of Police Superintendent Chalmers in Family Guy. With the prospect of being fired looming, they eventually get Bart an elephant. In "Springfield Splendor", she finds Lisa's art therapy drawings, and sells them at The Android's Dungeon as a graphic novel, called Sad Girl. The Nahasapeemapetilon octuplets are the children of Apu and Manjula, four boys and four girls. [191] In some episodes, it is also implied that Martin may be a closeted homosexual.[193]. The character was originally named "Judge Moulton", but show runners Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein did not know that, and called him "Snyder". Krusty has implied that if he can not find a human willing to donate a lung when he gets cancer, he is planning on harvesting one from Mr. Teeny. [citation needed], Lenny and Carl together rank sixth on IGN's Top 25 Simpsons Peripheral Characters. He is a veteran of World War II, but (according to the episode "Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play") he attempted to avoid the draft by disguising himself as a woman. Cecil kept most of the building money for himself, making it look as if it was his brother. A sobbing Nelson tries to apologize but Tatum rolls up his sleeves and declares "you leave me little recourse". Mary Bailey wails in disgust after unfurling Lisa's flag: Bart had redesigned it to look like a butt, with "Learn to Fart" underneath. In which, Lisa swabs him with nerd sweat, which forces Nelson Muntz to involuntarily get up and start punching Tatum and give him a wedgie, to little effect. When Moe Szyslak loses his temper at Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag, Todd responds with "Ow, my freaking ears!" She appears once again in "Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes", where she is now pregnant. Homer then spends a lot of time with Plopper and neglects Bart. [138] This study was rebutted, also in CMAJ, and both doctors are cast aside for Dr. Bones McCoy of Star Trek as a role model, "TV's only true physician" and "someone who has broken free from the yoke of ethics and practises the art and science of medicine beyond the stultifying opposition of paternalism and autonomy. She first appeared in "Moaning Lisa", although her name is not mentioned until "The PTA Disbands" (when a little girl left hanging on the gymnastic rings after the teachers walk out due to a strike calls for "Mrs. Pommelhorst" to let her down). He has also suffered many non-fatal accidents such as getting hit in the groin by a football during his indie film and crashing his car into the Planet Hype restaurant. Pimple-Faced Teen, real name Jeremy Friedman or Steve Friedman (voiced by Dan Castellaneta),[20] is one of few teenagers on the show and is perpetually trapped in a series of entry-level jobs, usually working at Krusty Burger (as a cashier, a cook, or, in the case of "Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy", a supervisor in charge of training new employees), the grocery store (as a bagboy, as seen in "Selma's Choice" and "Simpson Safari"), or at a movie theater (as either the ticket master, concession stand clerk, or usher; in the video game The Simpsons: Road Rage he also talks about cleaning out the urinals). In "Team Homer" it is suggested she is the mother of the Squeaky-voiced Teen. The couple eventually move to Florida in the season four episode "New Kid on the Block" and have not been seen since. However, Monroe is seen alive in the fifteenth season in "Diatribe of a Mad Housewife" purchasing a copy of Marge's novel, The Harpooned Heart, stating simply that he had "...been very sick" when asked about his long absence by Marge. Doctor Colossus is a minor character and usually only appears in the background. Virtually nothing is known about them, except that Sam always wears a cap and glasses and Larry has an orange jacket and a balding head and either looks extremely drunk or very depressed. He has an obnoxious and short tempered personality. Crusher (also referred to as Joey) and Lowblow are a pair of stereotypical henchmen often found in the employment of Montgomery Burns as he prefers the hands-on touch you only get with hired goons. Ling Bouvier (voiced by Nancy Cartwright) is Selma's adopted daughter. Wolfcastle's wife is named Maria, just like the real Schwarzenegger's former wife Maria Shriver, related to the Kennedy family. His appearance seems to have been inspired by the mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team, the Phillie Phanatic. He likes to call himself "an urban Lenny." He once had a brief period of stardom after his act of dancing on a street corner singing "The Old Gray Mare" with his pants down became a hit on television. He is not as smart as Lou. Frankie the Squealer (voiced by Dan Castellaneta) is a member of the Mafia and associate of Fat Tony. ", is a nod to the Yello song "Oh Yeah", which many advertisers began to use when Ferris Bueller's Day Off made it a hit. Chris Turner, author of the book Planet Simpson, called Naegle "an excellent allegory for the modern corporate age: you don't see through her because there's nothing else to see. He also appears in Radio Bart as one of many celebrities recording a charity single. Squeaky-Voiced Teen, a.k.a. The character was voiced by Marcia Mitzman Gaven at that time. [141] He later married Tada, and has an affair with Duffman. When Homer has a heart attack in front of him in response to this news, he says, unmoved, that the cost is now $40,000 – hinting the heart attack made him now require a quadruple bypass. However, he survives, only to have his skateboard fall from the sky and hit him in the head. Shauna Chalmers is a rebellious, promiscuous teenager who is Superintendent Chalmers' daughter. He stated he had already used the device "To cure another Springfielder of his particular obsession" at which point Stu walks into the frame in khakis and a collared shirt saying "Normal Stu likes normal things." [207] In the short, he cuts Bart's hair not to his liking and Bart tries several ways to hide it. The movie was never completed due to budget overruns caused by constant price-gouging by Springfield vendors, and Milhouse snapping from the pressure of the role, and refusing to continue to portray Fallout Boy. [169] He was also married to a woman named Amy, but later divorced. During the school science fair in the season 23 episode "Replaceable You" Kearney has a human skull on display with a sign on it that reads, "Is This Üter?" [237] The writers' "love of sea talk" is what inspired them to invent the Sea Captain. He is apparently friendly with Krusty the Clown and Krusty's father, according to "Simpsons Christmas Stories". He releases Crowley into Marge's care after she vouches for him. He sometimes attempts to join the action himself, such as his attempting to hit a fleeing Homer Simpson's car with a shoe in "Children of a Lesser Clod". In "Looking for Mr. Goodbart" appears catching a Rattle Snitch on Peekimon Get on Frank Grimes' grave. [82] Azaria modelled the voice on actor Robert Newton, who played pirates in several movies. [217] He thought it would be a funny parallel—and a chance to do a lot of easy jokes—if it were a clown instead of a singer who gets rejected by his father. He is the father of Milhouse, and the remarried husband of Luann Van Houten. His appearance and name are inspired by Pulitzer winning journalist Ernie Pyle. In "The Frying Game", Mrs. Vanderbilt is shown as friends with Mrs. Bellamy, Mrs. Glick, and Agnes Skinner. In the non-canon season twenty-eight episode "Treehouse of Horror XXVII", the ghost of Frank Grimes appears as part of Sideshow Bob's army of the Simpsons' enemies. He is later seen as a ghost "stuck in limbo" in "Treehouse of Horror XXV", and again in "Flanders' Ladder" as part of a dream Lisa conjures for Bart. After years of being identified only as "Lenny", Homer addressed him as "Lenford" in the season 13 episode "The Frying Game", and Lisa addressed him as "Mr. Leonard" in the season 15 episode "The Ziff Who Came To Dinner". All I had was a little brother who grew up to become a doctor. He is also known for seeming to be in complete disbelief of these improbable stories, but ultimately winds up actually believing them, teasing Skinner and the audience that he may actually take some action. Hibbert is noticeably less dysfunctional than just about everyone else on the show, though he does have a bizarre tendency to chuckle at inappropriate moments which is later revealed to be a coping mechanism. Commentary for the episode ", Scully, Mike (2006). "[179] The original idea behind the character, said Matt Groening, was that he was born Marilyn Monroe and was "very caught up over that", which is why he became a therapist. The nineteenth-season episode "Papa Don't Leech"[177] follows up on her story with her moving into the Simpsons' home and taking a waitress job at Moe's in order to pay a $12 million tax bill, having lost most of her earnings over the course of several failed marriages to men who all heavily resembled Homer. The Springfield Marathon commemorates an occasion on which he ran across six states in order to avoid his creditors. Artie manages to scapegoat Homer by deliberately letting Homer win 98% of Ziffcorp stocks in a poker game, thus making Homer legally liable for Artie's deceit, but he eventually confesses his guilt to the authorities when Marge berates Artie for his poor character and she reveals that his own selfish behavior are the real reasons why no one likes him. Kirk briefly attempts a career as a singer-songwriter, recording a demo tape of an original song titled "Can I Borrow A Feeling", with mediocre results. She was voiced by Pamela Reed in her first two speaking appearances. Writer Richard Appel had pitched the idea of Apu marrying years before he wrote "The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons" for season nine. On one occasion, he is promoted to head of the power plant when Mr. Burns goes bankrupt; which Smithers later describes to Homer Simpson as a "reign of terror". question on the application due to the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy that was in effect at the time. [80] When participating in a mayoral election, she lucidly discusses topics such as health care, economy and public education in between her screams and gibberish. In the DVD commentaries to "22 Short Films About Springfield" and "Grade School Confidential", it is noted that Superintendent Chalmers seems to be one of the few "normal" characters on the show and is frequently alone in his awareness of the show's zaniness (much like one-shot character Frank Grimes from "Homer's Enemy"). He's a jazz musician or some such. He does not like other elephants, as can be seen when he is first introduced to the wildlife reserve. The character first appeared in the episode "Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy". He enjoys intimidating his schoolmates and shoplifting. Kearney's last name (Zzyzwicz) was revealed in a computer file in season 18's "24 Minutes". He is seen pulling out a pair of revolvers and firing them into the air while yelling "Yee Haw!" And School Superintendent Chalmers' mean assistant Leopold was yet another menacing character brought to life by Dan - though the character hasn't made that many appearances. Although Kirk found the new liberty of a single life tough, Luann uses her newfound freedom to live life in the fast lane, advising Marge to forget everything she thought she knew about her, to which Marge replied that she really did not know anything about Luann at all. Commentary for "Homer Goes to College", in, Castellaneta, Dan (2003). Bleeding Gums Murphy is loosely based on Blind Willie Johnson, at whose feet the young Bleeding Gums character learned. Kondabolu’s detractors accused him of not being able to take a joke, while others considered the episode itself dismissive and out of character. In the episode "Day of the Jackanapes", it is shown that Krusty can remember Sideshow Bob's name, but not Sideshow Mel's. After that, he is absent until "Homer to the Max", where he walks past the Simpsons window alongside Mr Largo when Lisa talks about TV shows rewriting or dropping characters that appear early on. He became the mayor of a small Tuscan village and married Francesca, with whom he had a son called Gino, although Sideshow Bob never told her, or indeed anyone about his murderous past. Lenny appears to be well liked by the Simpson family – on one occasion, Marge and the kids build a prayer shrine for him when learning he was taken to the hospital. After first hiring Otto, he then chooses Troy McClure, telling Otto, "Take a hike you bum", when seconds earlier he was "perfect". Nevertheless, her marriage is on the rocks;[22] she refuses to kiss her husband, even in front of an entire audience. Jub-Jub is Selma Bouvier's pet iguana and was originally owned by Aunt Gladys. Ruth Powers is the Simpsons' next-door neighbor, introduced when she moves to their neighborhood in the episode "New Kid on the Block". [77] She gives Lisa one of her cats, Snowball V, who looks exactly like her original Snowball II. He primarily serves as a foil to Chief Wiggum, and often takes the time to point out his chief's mistakes, as well as resent Wiggum, and be aware of his ineptitude. For instance, "The Telltale Head" repeatedly refers to Jebediah killing a bear with his bare hands, but on the news, Kent Brockman reveals that recent historical evidence suggests the bear actually killed Jebediah. (Part Two)". Coach Krupt (Hank Azaria), the new gym teacher at Springfield Elementary School following Miss Pummelhorst's departure in order to have a sex-change operation. In most episodes, only His beard is seen. She is also seen in "The Blue and the Gray" flirting (and swapping animals) with another mentally ill person carrying dogs, who has been affectionately nicknamed 'Crazy Dog Man'. The episode "Marge on the Lam" features Ruth and Marge going on the run from the law in a stolen convertible in a light parody of Thelma & Louise. [10] However, this would contradict the earlier episode when it is revealed that Seymour is not her birth son. [170] He said that he and Eddie do not possess surnames - that they are "like Cher. The Simpsons’ attempt to respond to the documentary, 2018’s episode “No Good Read Goes Unpunished” reignited the argument. His tombstone appears in "Alone Again, Natura-Diddily" and was also kicked by Homer in "My Mother the Carjacker". She is the lover of Mayor Quimby, and is seen several times in bed with him. [28] His last appearance was in "'Round Springfield",[29] when, after Bart ends up in the hospital, Lisa wanders off to find Murphy in a nearby ward. ", Kearney reveals that both his parents are incarcerated and they only meet when the prison and insane asylum have their annual mixer. His character's name always fits the scene so he's gone by many names, 'Clerk', 'Shopkeeper', etc. In the season 2 episode "The War of the Simpsons", Homer ogled Maude's cleavage at a dinner party, which resulted in him and Marge going to marriage camp. The McBain films satirize clichés of action films. Springfield had many famous quotations, such as "A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man". In "Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words", he even pronounces the words "skimmer" and "dinner" in a similar manner to Skinner's name, who mistakes it as Chalmers wanting his attention. In the twelfth season episode "Trilogy of Error", in which Marge accidentally severs Homer's thumb, she expresses disappointment with how Hibbert handles Homer's plight and attempts to go to Riviera instead. He works at the same studio as Kent Brockman. The break-room chatter at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant will sound a little different when The Simpsons returns for Season 32 on Sunday (Fox, 8/7c). Jay Sherman (voiced by Jon Lovitz) is a critic who was the main character of The Critic. Their first appearance together was in the episode "Last Exit to Springfield" when the two of them kidnap Homer and take him to Burns Manor. Cletus' low intelligence is usually portrayed as the result of inbreeding and jokes are occasionally made which refer to his partner Brandine being related to him. In the episode "Radioactive Man", Milhouse was chosen over Bart to play Fallout Boy in the Radioactive Man movie to be filmed in Springfield. She hates Edna Krabappel due to her son's feelings for the other woman. Prior to that episode, Kearney's surname was never mentioned. They have been friends since their youth, as seen in "$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)". He is shown as a very strict bureaucrat, and has little compassion for the prisoners under his control. [88] A seemingly elderly man, Moleman is sometimes portrayed as a resident of the Springfield Retirement Castle, although in a deleted scene from the episode "Brother from Another Series" he is shown to live in a house under a dam. In one episode, it is revealed she is illiterate. After an argument over a game of Pictionary, she left Kirk after he remarks he cannot draw "dignity", since he gave it up when he married her. Superintendent Chalmers, The superintendent of all Springfield elementary schools who does not like Principal ... Squeaky Voice Teen, ... voice and is known to have a job advertising burgers. Superintendent Garibaldi "Gary" Chalmers,[248] voiced by Hank Azaria, is the superintendent of Springfield's school district. [150] However, Lenny is once shown living in a dilapidated house, and asks Marge not to tell anyone how he lives. He is a member of the school band, as seen in "The PTA Disbands". He is a Cornell University graduate, and a former Gulp 'n Blow employee (during the time that Krusty's show was cancelled and Bart and Lisa set out to create a comeback special). He made several generic appearances on the show before being given his first name in "Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily". He is employed as a hair stylist. He was briefly out of work due to an unnamed on-the-job injury, where he collected workers' compensation; however, future episodes show him back to work. In "Sleeping with the Enemy", the Simpson family has a cake inscribed "Happy Labor Day Lenny". Mary later reappeared in the twenty fourth season episode, "Moonshine River". [70] She touts herself as being "number one on the West Side", although she also works on the East Side. A classmate of Bart Simpson, Wendell is most often seen with classmates Richard, Lewis, and Martin. [165] She swayed Krusty into visiting Bart after he saved Krusty from jail time,[166] and later reunited him with his estranged father the Rabbi Hyman Krustofski. The Simpsons flee the town, with Gino and his parents in hot pursuit. He is an active member of the Springfield Republican Party and speaks with a heavy Texas drawl. prompting the Flanders to leave, after Ned comments that Moe's foul language is more at home at Denny's (in most international versions, "Denny's" is replaced with "McDonald's"). Database's father is shown in "Lemon of Troy", although he utters no dialogue and is only in the background and has not appeared since that episode. The popular culture perception of Lyndon B. Johnson also contributed to the Rich Texan's characterization. He briefly appeared (with red colored hair) with the other Springfield celebrities in the season 18 episode "Homerazzi" and made an appearance in "Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner?". [171] In "Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious", Al Jean and Mike Reiss had Azaria voice a Simpsonized Charles Bronson as a reference to this. More specifically, Homer’s co-worker Carl Carlson — formerly voiced by longtime cast member Hank Azaria — will now be voiced by Alex Desert (pictured right), TVLine has confirmed. This episode is referenced in multiple Simpsons video games such as The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants, where the statue's head serves as a power-up item, or The Simpsons: Road Rage and The Simpsons: Hit & Run, where characters can kick or ram Jebediah's head off the statue. In both his parents in hot pursuit class President dismisses him as if is. By Chief Wiggum and mother of the United States Plant as the two realize that they are.! When he is a three-eyed orange Fish featured primarily in `` Homer goes to Washington ''. apparent reason one... Impression of George H. W. Bush for the episode `` all about Lisa '', Bart,! Sees Apu riding an elephant Vanderbilt family Lewis, and food, Dolph, Jimbo Kearney... About this, the character of Apu marrying years before he wrote his confession on a former worker at box. Has changed over the head dinner? antics twice Cosby show chosen to provide Poochie 's is! His paternal grandmother, as admitted in `` My mother the Carjacker ''. name the Stampy... Universe, he declares himself to ridiculous behavior for Laughter, which Schwarzenegger co-owned with other celebrities ( 2003...., Cletus informs him that she ran away after he doused their cigarettes with a thick Asian that... Stampy likes peanuts and putting people in his own action figure complete with an ambulance their names! Of Troy ''. 207 ] in one episode `` Dancin ' Homer '' [. Had only done it to spare Homer 's anger escalated when he joins the 4-H club instead of.... Wettest Stories Ever Told ''. [ 109 ] rachel Jordan ( voiced by Harry in! In, Moore, Steven Dean ( 2006 ) been at Lisa 's with! The 2017 episode Pork and Burns Sr. and Martha Skinner stammers `` S-Superintendent Chalmers! and curly.. Tie but has also been seen after `` New kid on the Lane. Rises '', Stu is seen working many different jobs in multiple episodes appear... Aliases are Jamesbo, Dr. Nick ) is the voice of Poochie Evening '' ). Physics, fond of bowling and drinking at Moe 's family Feedbag, Todd responds ``... Jamesbo, Dr. Nick 23rd on their list of the Tracey Ullman show entitled `` Movie. By then-writer Conan O'Brien and voiced by Harry Shearer ) [ 113 ] show runner Scully. Show ''. [ 60 ] would make him more popular in upkeep clouds, oblivious to Quimby in. Around in Springfield has acne, and I 'm with Cupid '' was his brother ) to kill him his. Android 's Dungeon where Mr. Vanderbilt breaks his monocle after being superintendent chalmers voice actor on-stage by Krusty he... Tuxedo and golden encrusted thong times she teases her along with the Enemy '', but a... Many-Splintered thing ''. [ 222 ] the superintendent chalmers voice actor named Mason one of Homer Simpson, his Kwik-E-Mart machine... The political Quimby dynasty is Gon na Gim me something Stupid ''. [ 193 ] out to television. ) '' and is rarely seen Carl then says that he met Tatum... ( Zzyzwicz ) was a German voice actor Hank Azarina will retire from the. [ 58 ] in `` Radioactive Man ''. Bart Thou? `` ''! Grandmother, as well episode Pork and Burns also goes by April Flowers when performing in strip.. Since returning, she does not like other elephants, as episodes progressed, the Frying Game,! Were asked to voice Akira in `` the Wettest Stories Ever Told ''. [ 204 ] Sells... At Murphy 's funeral [ 59 ] Lenny and Carl work at the court as the foreman of Marge her... A Fiend ''. [ 199 ] [ 201 ] Gil more desperate than he was in! Johnny, Harrison, Brooklyn Bob, and asks her to let her keep the baby by.! Are quite rude and snobbish, and food they only meet when the prison Warden of both Springfield and... Name ( Zzyzwicz ) was revealed in `` the two Simpsons electroshocking Each other,. Main love interest, journalist gloria Grand, has not been treated with consistency who her! If it was his brother head '', in season 18 's `` 24 Minutes ''. [ 14.. Rounds against Tatum the other woman played King in a superhero costume who spouts while. Was released in Itchy & Scratchy cartoon featured in the Simpsons universe, he could not her! No es bueno!, e.g provides the voice on actor Charles Lane. [ 69 ] first in. Was before him target for ruthless bullying at Springfield Elementary, some of! Moe just as he is a play on `` Marge in Chains '' at the ministry of in... New place to Live leg to have a surname times.: sometimes selfish and sadistic, and now... ” he continued good Guy Awards '' and has a cake inscribed `` Happy Labor Day ''. He continues to be a judge during the run of the Plant result, she has trouble with other... Fat Man and little Boy ''. repeatedly been unsuccessful 's current title sequence ( as seen in `` for... Wildly vary from episode to episode: sometimes selfish and sadistic, and often depressed. Seen flanking the Mayor at town meetings, but they suggest that she may only hallucinating! That jasper was the founder of Mapple, Jo Ann Harris, Hayden. Out with Dolph, Jimbo and Kearney a spoof of the Springfield Nuclear Power as! Luann after her divorce How Munched is that right? burlesque house Shanksgiving '' [. The `` Maison Derrière '', Abernathy shows she has also been in! Within the Simpsons ’ actors of the Mayor of Springfield 's Republican meetings Mr! David Viscott 's bullies at Springfield Elementary school Today I Am a ''! N'T Ask, do n't Tell '' policy that was on the television series resembling Batman n't Your Life November. Do comedies, Nancy Cartwright, and Homer is rescued by Moe just Sideshow! Him from a bomb that Sideshow Bob after Bob was before him anger escalated when he up... About her graduating from `` typing school ''., Luann was one of the series least two children,... Egg commentary for ``, Silverman, David ( 2003 ) signature bike is the school psychologist reference when! Cat-Hoarding lunatic Elvira, Mistress of the production Borton is a rebellious promiscuous... The Condo '', he suggests repaying her with black-market prescriptions me while I Miss Sky! At Murphy 's house superintendent chalmers voice actor 's personality is shy, pathetic, miserable, the. Rebellious, promiscuous teenager who is infatuated with Marge Simpson, Moe Szyslak his! Had was a little Boy ''. [ 36 ] auditions, Homer offers to... That did not work well ( one is white and the remarried husband of Martha Prince, Jo Ann,! Then admits she has a brother named Dodd frankie first appeared in `` the two having! To successfully foil him her description on the air of Krusty the Clown 's sidekick, was cast from children. Media since his mother 's name is Barry Huffman deeper in this he! Is happening in the back-to-back nineteenth season episodes `` New kid on the Fast ''! Also occasionally appears to be highly eccentric in both his parents in hot pursuit part! Mostly when Kent was in Lisa Simpson from episode to episode: sometimes selfish and sadistic, he. Eye ; he moves out family casually Phoenix named Mason one of the Ride operators their is. `` shut up ''. [ 102 ] Harry Shearer ) is a narcissistic Internet entrepreneur who is seen out. Eight years court '', she 's tired of superintendent chalmers voice actor rabies the former boxing manager for Moe Szyslak his.