Part 2, My interpretation on the Yamaha Mox8 synth. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on The editor, following the written instruction, has transposed score and parts, so that the appropriate concertante instrument should be soprano recorder in c, instead of sopranino recorder in f. Ms. is not very accurate with accidentals. 3 in G Minor for Flute & Cello, › 2 Passepied from the English Suite No. for Flute & Harp, › "Winterruhe" from 12 Piano Pieces for Woodwind Quartet, › "With Thunder Armed Great God, Arise!" 2 for Woodwind Quartet, › Balletto detto “Il conte Orlando” for Winds & Strings, › Bourrée from the Fireworks Suite for Winds & Strings, › Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D Major for Flute & Piano, › Brandenburg Concerto No. Largo 00:07:27 - III. Hier zittert das gequälte Herz" for Winds & strings, › Recitative: "Und da sie den Lobgesang gesprochen hatten" for Flute & Strings, › Recitative: "Was hat er denn Übels getan" for Woodwind Quartet, › Recitative: "Wiewohl mein Herz in Tränen schwimmt" for Woodwinds & Strings, › Recitative: “Des Morgens aber hielten alle Hohepriester" for Flute, Strings & Organ, › Recitativo & Choral: "Nun seid ihr wohl gerochen" for Small Orchestra, › Recitativo "Die Armen sind Verstört" for Woodwind Quartet, › Recitativo: "Ja, ja! Log in or sign up for free !!!!! Vivaldi wrote this "Concerto per Flautino" sometime between 1728 and 1729 and although there is not a reliable evidence that the frontispiece information "Concerto per Flautino" means the sopranino recorder (in 'F') as a soloist. Published by Michel-Charles Le Cene in 1728, Antonio Vivaldi's set of Concertos (6) for flute was not only the first collection of flute concertos published in Italy, it was nearly the first set of flute concertos ever published. 1 in F Major for Small Orchestra. 44, No. 8 for Flute & Strings, › "O Thou that Tellest Good Tidings to Zion" for Flute & Strings, › "Of Thee I Dream" for Flute, Oboe & Harp, › "Offertoire" from "L'Organiste Moderne" for Winds & Strings, › "Offertorium" from the Requiem in C Minor (Mvt. Flautino!!!!! " The Concerto in C major, RV 559, is a concerto grosso by the Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi.Its appearance in the Bruno Bozzetto 1976 animated film Allegro Non Troppo has led to the piece becoming widely known to audiences outside the classical concert hall.. der sanften Flöten Chor" for Flute & Strings, › Aria: "Hört doch! wie reißt, wie bricht, wie fällt" for Wind Quintet, › Aria: "Seid beglückt, edle beide" for Winds & Strings, › Aria: "Seinem Schöpfer noch auf Erden" for Flute, Oboe & Harp, › Aria: "Sende deine Macht von oben" for Woodwind Quartet, › Aria: "Seufzer, Tränen, Kummer, Not" for Flute, Oboe & Cello, › Aria: "Sich in Gott und Jesu freuen" for Wind Ensemble, › Aria: "So feiern wir das hohe Fest" for Flutes & Guitar, › Aria: "So hat Gott die Welt geliebt" for Woodwinds & Strings, › Aria: "So ist mein Jesus nun gefangen" for Woodwinds & Strings, › Aria: "Soll ich meinen Lebenslauf" for Woodwind Quintet, › Aria: "Stein, der über alle Schätze" for Flute & String Trio, › Aria: "The soft complaining flute" for Flute, Oboe & Guitar, › Aria: "Tilg, o Gott, die Lehren" for Woodwind Trio, › Aria: "Treues Echo dieser Orten" for Flute, Oboe & Bass, › Aria: "Unser trefflicher" for Flute & Guitar Trio, › Aria: "Unsre Stärke heißt zu schwach" for Piccolo, Flute & Strings, › Aria: "Va tacito e nascosto" from "Giulio Cesare" for Flute, Oboe & Strings, › Aria: "Vadoro, pupille" from "Giulio Cesare" for Winds & Strings, › Aria: "Vedova" from the Opera "L'avaro" for Winds & Strings, › Aria: "Verachtest du den Reichtum seiner Gnade" for Wind Quintet, › Aria: "Verstumme, Höllenheer" for Wind Ensemble, › Aria: "Von den Stricken meiner Sünden" for Woodwind Quartet, › Aria: "Wacht auf, ihr Adern und ihr Glieder" for Winds & Strings, › Aria: "Wann kommst du, mein Heil" for Flute, Oboe, Horn & Cello, › Aria: "Weh und Schmerz in dem Gebären" for Flute Choir, › Aria: "Weichet nur, betrübte Schatten" for Flute, Oboe & Strings, › Aria: "Wenn des Kreuzes Bitterkeiten" for Wind Quintet, › Aria: "Wer ein wahrer Christ will heißen" for Flute & Harp, › Aria: "Wer Gott bekennt aus wahrem Herzensgrund" for Flute, Oboe & Cello, › Aria: "Wer mich liebet, der wird mein Wort halten" for Winds & Strings, › Aria: "Wer Sünde tut, der ist vom Teufel" for Woodwind Quartet, › Aria: "Wie freudig ist mein Herz" for Flute, Oboe & Strings, › Aria: "Wie selig sind doch die, die Gott im Munde tragen" for Flute & Strings, › Aria: "Wie wohl ist mir, O Freund der Seelen" for Flute & Cello, › Aria: "Wie zittern und wanken der Sünder Gedanken" for Flute, Oboe & Strings, › Aria: "Wirf, mein Herze, wirf dich noch" for Flute & Strings, › Aria: "Wo zwei und drei versammlet sind" for Woodwind Trio & Strings, › Aria: "Wohl euch, ihr auserwählten Seelen" for Woodwinds & Strings, › Aria: "Zerfließe, mein Herze, in Fluten der Zähren" for Woodwind Quartet, › Aria: "Zweig und Äste" for Wind Quartet, › Arioso & Chorus: "Ruht wohl, ihr heiligen Gebeine" for Winds & Strings, › Arioso: "Jesus nahm zu sich die Zwölfe" for Winds & Strings, › Arioso: "Tag und Nacht ist dein" for Woodwinds & Strings, › Arioso: "Wahrlich, wahrlich, ich sage euch" for Flute, Oboe & Strings, › Badinerie from the Orchestral Suite No.