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RICHMOND DISCOVERIES specializes in unique living history programs, to share with your group what life was like before we had cell phones, the internet, television, and indoor plumbing. Our authentically-dressed characters will bring history to life for your groups. They can be added to any part of your tour route, or provide entertainment for your group as part of a meal package.

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"Your portrayal of Eliza Poe is both enlightening and moving."

Sandy, Historic Richmond Foundation

"As a social studies teacher, I am always looking for interesting and entertaining programs to get my students motivated about American History. Richmond Discoveries has delivered a very exciting program (The Life of the Civil War Soldier) that truly reached all of my students in some way. My students and I have been captivated... I feel extremely comfortable in recommending the program to any social studies class that is studying American/Civil War History. Your attention will be grabbed and you will definitely receive a quality-filled presentation."

Jennifer, Chesterfield County Public Schools

Richmond Discoveries

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