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"Our group also had a fantastic time…  I believe you really did show us the best of Richmond and both [of you] were excellent tour guides.  I heard that most participants liked the dinner best.  They enjoyed the food and found your characters to be very entertaining… Thanks so much for making our Sunday "fun-day" so memorable."

Angie, ABT Associates

"...In the 22 years we have conducted this Annual Leadership Conference... you top them all in terms of the quality and the interest you inspired...We only wish that other communities which we have visited had equally proficient tour services... We give you the highest marks we have accorded in any service."

Center for the Study of the Presidency

Multi-Day Tours

With so many options, let RICHMOND DISCOVERIES create the perfect custom package for your group!  Below are some ideas, but contact us today at (804) 222-8595 or to discuss your group’s needs and interests.  We look forward to working with you!


American Patriots Tour

American Patriots TourFrom Patrick Henry’s fiery orations to the ratification of the United States Constitution, Richmond played a critical role in the formation of our nation.  Learn about the motivations and actions of men such as Henry, George Washington, John Marshall, and more.


Richmond's Black Heritage

Richmond's Black HeritageCentral Virginia’s African-American community has one of the richest heritages of any in the nation.   Experience this heritage from racial slavery through the Civil Rights Movement with this fully guided tour.


Confederate Capital Tour

Confederate Capital TourFor four dramatic years, Richmond was the proud, embattled capital of a new nation, and came to be the very heart and soul of the Confederacy.  Let Richmond Discoveries guide you through the fascinating tale of that star-crossed nation. 


Faith and Freedom

Faith and FreedomThe Christian heritage has powerfully influenced the course of American history, and much of that history happened in Richmond, from spiritual awakenings to the fight for the freedom of religion.  Join us in a fascinating faith journey as we introduce you to Samuel Davies, Lott Cary, Moses Hoge, and others who were simple folks who changed history.

James River and the Flow of History

James River and the Flow of HistoryThe story of the James River is the story of America itself, from first cultural contacts through our nation’s forming, warring, and moving forward.  We hope you, like the James River, will follow the flow of history the next time you are looking for that special place to visit. 


Forging Freedon in the Confederate Capital
Forging Freedom in the Confederate CapitalRichmond in 1861 is a tale of two cities.  These two populations, one black and one white, lived and worked side-by-side, but experienced freedom and slavery in different ways.  Come learn about how those living in the Confederate capital fought to forge their freedom.




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