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“Thank you so much for sharing your time and great knowledge with us this week.  I was never made to feel awkward asking questions.  My Civil War knowledge base increased a thousand-fold.”

Barb, Tour Attendee

"Our hats are off to you and your staff for providing such an interesting, exciting and entertaining way to learn about and experience history.  We are certainly hoping to spend more time in the future with you and your associates, and will definitely recommend Richmond Discoveries to any all we come in contact with.  Thanks again from the Hagerstown Civil War Round Table!"

Sarah, Secretary, HCWRT

RICHMOND DISCOVERIES has been specializing in customized Civil War itineraries in and around Richmond since 1985. We provide complete professional tour management services for conventions, family & military reunions, motorcoach operators and more. From half-day to multi-day options, our tours will transport you back to 1860s Virginia for a complete telling of the American Civil War.  The fascinating tale of this star-crossed capital awaits you!


Tour Options

All of our tours can be customized for your group’s needs and interests.  Below are some great multi-day tours ideas.  Please contact us at 804.222.8595 or for pricing, options, or other information.

The Confederate Capital Tour

The Confederate Capital TourFor four dramatic years, Richmond was the proud, embattled capital of a new nation.  Richmond, in fact, came to be the very heart and soul of the Confederacy.  Let Richmond Discoveries guide you through the fascinating tale of that star-crossed nation. 

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Forging Freedom in the Confederate Capital

Forging Freedom in the Confederate CapitalRichmond in 1861 is a tale of two cities.  These two populations, one black and one white, lived and worked side-by-side, but experienced freedom and slavery in different ways.  Come learn about how those living in the Confederate capital fought to forge their freedom.

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March to Appomattox:  The Final Days of the Civil War

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Richmond’s place in history was secured once it became the Capital of the Confederacy in May 1861.  A little less than four years later, on April 3, 1865, its business district lay in ruins as the Confederate government and army evacuated.  Contact us to travel the final days of the Confederacy, and follow the path of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia as you travel the road to Appomattox. 

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