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"...With the use of historical interpreters, [Richmond Discoveries] has allowed the students to get a very vivid idea of hardships endured by people in the 1860's versus [the present]... With no reservations, I wholeheartedly recommend a tour with Richmond Discoveries, where, for a minimal fee, students can see and learn things that will last a lifetime!"

Susan, Rogersville, Tennessee

"The Life of the Civil War Soldier Program added good information to my Civil War unit that we could never learn from a textbook. The speaker kept my students fully engaged and the information they were able to retain was amazing."

Suzanne, Spring Arbor, MI

From unique living history characters to a complete Civil War encampment, RICHMOND DISCOVERIES has a number of Richmond Alive! options to add a dose of history, humor, and authenticity to your tour, dinner, convention, or fair. 

Living History

Life of the Civil War Soldier – Our most popular program!

With a full display of Civil War artifacts, our Soldier will educate and entertain your group as they learn about the life of the common soldier.  From a demonstration of the use of flags and drum signals on the battlefield to life in the camps: including food, music, games and personal entertainment, our soldier presents a complete picture of the average enlisted man in the Civil War.  Add to this a healthy dose of humor and you have a program that your group will long remember!

Making Do: Life on the Civil War Homefront
What would you do if you could no longer get items that you used to?  During the Civil War, civilians in the South had to be very resourceful coming up with new ways to “make do.”  Meet a civilian woman and find out about family life in general, as well as what substitutes were being used for coffee, candles, shoe polish, and more.
19th Century Musician
The music of the 1800’s was a mixture of patriotic, lively show tunes, and ballads of home.  It was the first truly American music – a mixture of African and European styles, having been popularized in the 1840’s and 50’s.  Our musician will entertain on a variety of instruments, including the banjo, fiddle, bones.
Benjamin “Frank” Stringfellow
At the start of the Civil War, a thin young man named Benjamin Franklin Stringfellow wanted to enlist in the Confederate army, but was turned down in four different counties.  In this exciting program, hear what he did to join the cavalry and why he posed as a dentist, a merchant, and a woman. Learn why he was called “the most dangerous man in the Confederacy.”
Captain Sally Tompkins
"Captain Sally" was the first woman in American history to receive commission as a military officer, and ran the most efficient hospital in Richmond during the Civil War. This interactive program will discuss Sally’s life, as well as medical practices and experiences in her hospital and others in Richmond during the Civil War.

All of our programs can be customized for length and audience maturity level.  Visit our Richmond Alive! page for additional information about historic personages from throughout Virginia history. Contact us if you don't see someone listed.



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